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TALK WITH US TODAY: +86 025 6963 5019

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Key facts about our school 

Nanjing Hankai Academy provides its students with a genuinely global experience, where their individual aspirations are not only fostered by our outstanding educators but also tested through extraordinary learning opportunities.

Languages Taught

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese


Cambridge, NCC, Japan

10+ Nationalities

Teacher to Students Ratio


Age Group

6 - 18



Facilities Highlights

Day&Boarding School

Student Awards

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

        In the June 2022 Cambridge Global Examinations, Zou Yichu achieved the top score nationwide in Digital Media and Design (DM), earning them the prestigious "Cambridge Outstanding Student Award" for her exceptional performance.

Zou Yichu 

High Achievement Award

A Level Digital Media and Design

What make us special?

At Nanjing Hankai Academy, we proudly provide a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of every student in our care. We hold a deep appreciation for the individuality of each child, recognizing that every student is a unique blend of talents, interests, and aspirations. Therefore, we have cultivated a personalized approach that offers the utmost flexibility, allowing us to celebrate and honor the distinct qualities of every student, thereby equipping them with the essential tools to excel and prepare for a promising future.

Hankai Family

Parents opt for Hankai Education due to our commitment to fostering not only academic achievement but also social and personal growth in every student. We provide a multifaceted approach that encompasses learning from distinguished educators, engaging in extraordinary experiences, and empowering students to surpass their perceived limits. Through our distinctive global educational offering, we enable our students to thrive and excel in any context. This dedication is manifest in our continuous investment in our talented staff, our state-of-the-art facilities, and, most importantly, the holistic development of our students.

We conquer the world 

At our institution, we are committed to nurturing students into responsible global citizens. We wholeheartedly acknowledge the importance of cultivating a strong sense of global awareness in our students. Through exposure to international perspectives and experiences, our students not only gain valuable insights into diverse cultures but also acquire the essential skills to navigate and thrive in any global setting. This exposure empowers them to build self-confidence and hone their networking abilities, enabling them to excel and make meaningful contributions to the interconnected world in which we live.

Global Competitions


  Young Inventor Challenge, provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to 18 to develop and pitch their original inventions to major toy companies, industry professionals, members of the media and general public. This unique and educational experience ignites imagination, creativity and presentation skills like no other, providing a means of taking these inventions to greater heights, with professional critiques from our industry experts.

University Offers

We take immense pride in celebrating our students' remarkable achievements as they receive offers from prestigious universities spanning the globe, showcasing their dedication to pursuing their passions and interests. These coveted offers hail from esteemed institutions in diverse locations such as Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States of America, affirming their academic excellence and international appeal.


Nanjing Hankai Academy School, Class of 2024


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