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Teaching Staffs



  • Patrick Pool

    Chris Barker


    22 years of experience

    He has been engaged in international education in Southeast Asia for nearly 21 years and has extensive experience working in schools, government agencies and universities. Witness the beginning and development of international education in China. 

  • Andrew Wilson

    Carol Ni


    17 years of experience

    Engaged in English education for 15 years, loves teaching and enjoys the classroom. She is committed to researching different educational resources and materials, integrating Cambridge English textbooks and Oxford textbooks; Cambridge English proficiency test oral examiner.

  • Helen Smith

    Nancy Xu

    College Counselor

    13 years of experience

    With more than 13 years’ industry experience in oversea studies consulting, she has helped 1300 students to pursue studies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong(SAR), Netherlands at all age group, just like High school course, undergraduate course, postgraduate course and Phd course. The professional qualifications are as following:
    (1)Certified Education Agent
    Conferred by Cultural and Education Section British Embassy and Education UK
    (2)Certified Education Agent
    Conferred by US News Global Education
    (3)Navitas Trained Counsellor-University Partnerships Australia and New Zealand

  • Helen Smith

    Elina Xu

    Head of Checkpoint

    4 years of experience

    She believes that science learning is not only knowledge based, it also requires critical and logical thinking. Engaged both in students' knowledge learning and character building. Good habits lead the students go further

  • Helen Smith


    Head of English

    7 years of experience

    She worked in a cultural exchange institution in the United States for nearly five years, during which he assisted hundreds of foreign experts in professional lectures and trainings at universities, units and institutions. After that, she taught English at a famous foreign language school in Shenzhen.

  • Helen Smith


    Head of Maths

    6 years of experience

    She attained her Master's degree from Nanjing University. She is committed to researching different teaching methods, integrating Cambridge Math and National Math curriculum.

  • Helen Smith

    Lorena Comte

    Head of Spanish

    11 years of experience

    She has been teaching different subjects during the past ten years but is passionate about teaching Spanish and seeing the students grown and become fluent in a third language. She is a DELE accredited examiner.

  • Helen Smith


    Head of Chinese

    5 years of experience

    Rebecca Ren has been an IGCSE and A Level Chinese teacher for more than five years. She previously taught A Level Chinese at the international school in Beijing. She holds a master’s degree at Sichuan University, focusing on Comparative Literature and World Literature.

  • Helen Smith

    Kelly Hong


    4 years of experience

    She obtained her Master degree in Education from the University of Akron, US. She majored in Pedegogy and minor in English for her bachlor degree of Harbin Normal University. Kelly began working in oversea-study industry after she finished university. So far, she has offered oversea universities consulation services and taking in charge of recruiting job for more than ten years. And she still loves communicating with the students and their parents. Honored giving profesional advice to the persons who need guildances and support. And she holds the view that the primary purpose of education is teaching people how to live rather than how to make a living.

  • Helen Smith

    Lily Xu


    2 years of experience

    As Cambridge Exam Officer, she organizes IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level exams, works closely with the Head of Center to plan curriculum timetable. She plays a key role in coordinating teaching affairs.

  • Helen Smith

    Holly He


    20 years of experience

    Master of education, Master tutor of Nanjing Normal University (Institute of Sports Science),Exercise prescription Specialist .She has been awarded the titles of advanced individual of student physical health work in Jiangsu Province, District PE discipline leader, District excellent youth, District advanced educator, etc. 

  • Helen Smith

    Joel Obrador

    IT Department Head

    11 years of experience

    He obtained his Master's degree in Educational Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and earned MBA units at Batangas State University. He worked as a university lecturer for seven years and taught several subjects in areas of Arts and Humanities, Literature, Education, and Computer Science. He is now pursuing Doctor in Education Management degree.