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TALK WITH US TODAY: +86 025 6963 5019

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About the school

Established in 2016, Nanjing Han kai Academy is a premium K12 school which offers a Bilingual curriculum within a Chinese national setting. The Department operates autonomously nurturing students with a unique educational experience that integrates Chinese core elements and the prestigious Cambridge curriculum, culminating with Checkpoint, IGCSE, A-levels as well as an IFD programme to students across the country. 

About the School

HKA is a certified Cambridge school enriched with the following qualifications:

  • China's first information technology curriculum (digi) licensed center from the National Computing Centre UK (NCC); 

  • 92 Miscellaneous 17 solid

    Short courses from ASDAN;

  • Authorized Spanish exam center of Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (DELE);

  • Authorized exam center of drama from London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA);

  • Demonstration Base of Science Education of Chinese Academy of Youth Sciences;

  • Designated Training Base of Hong Kong International Martial Art Festival.

About the School


Cultivate global citizens and future leaders with a Chinese spirit through excellent academic education and leadership training.

School Motto

Wisdom and Perseverance


Integrate Chinese essential civilization and Western wisdom in education;
Instill beauty, creativity, leadership and compassion;
Foster intercultural knowledge and a global perspective;

Core Values




Aesthetic taste

Global vision

Team work spirit


Comments from visitors

“HKA is a quality school with comprehensive academic structure, outstanding teaching management, and a beautiful campus. Students here have a strong academic ability and good English skills. I’m looking forward to seeing them in Durham!”------Kate Brennan
Durham University

”HKA is very special, it stands out tall in every dimension, especially in its IGCSE programme. There are not many schools in China offer students with so many subjects or value learning on Art, Music or Spanish.” ----- Jin Feng
University of Bristol